Jiayuan Mao 茅佳源

I am a first-year PhD student at MIT EECS, advised by Prof. Josh Tenenbuam and Prof. Leslie Kaelbling. Previously, I obtained my bachelor's degree from YaoClass, Tsinghua University.

Research Highlights
  • Concept Learning: visual concept learning and skill learning.
  • Neuro-Symbolic Reasoning: neuro-symbolic representations, logic induction, structure inference.
  • Language Development & Evolution.
Publications ( show selected / show all by date / show all by topic )

Topics: Concept Learning / Neuro-Symbolic Reasoning / Language Development & Evolution / Vision / NLP (* indicates equal contribution)

Perspective Plane Program Induction from a Single Image
Yikai Li*, Jiayuan Mao*, Xiuming Zhang, William T. Freeman, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Jiajun Wu

CVPR 2020 Paper / Project Page

Visual Concept-Metaconcept Learning
Chi Han*, Jiayuan Mao*, Chuang Gan, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Jiajun Wu

NeurIPS 2019 Paper / Project Page / Code

Program-Guided Image Manipulators
Jiayuan Mao*, Xiuming Zhang*, Yikai Li, William T. Freeman, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Jiajun Wu

ICCV 2019 Paper / Project Page

(First two authors contributed equally; order determined by coin toss.)
Visually Grounded Neural Syntax Acquisition
Haoyue Shi*, Jiayuan Mao*, Kevin Gimpel, Karen Livescu

ACL 2019 (Best Paper Nomination) Paper / Project Page / Code

Neurally-Guided Structure Inference
Sidi Lu*, Jiayuan Mao*, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Jiajun Wu

ICML 2019 Paper / Project Page / Code

Unified Visual-Semantic Embeddings:
Bridging Vision and Language with Structured Meaning Representations
Hao Wu*, Jiayuan Mao*, Yufeng Zhang, Weiwei Sun, Yuning Jiang, Lei Li, Wei-Ying Ma

CVPR 2019 (Oral) Paper

The Neuro-Symbolic Concept Learner:
Interpreting Scenes, Words, and Sentences From Natural Supervision
Jiayuan Mao, Chuang Gan, Pushmeet Kohli, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Jiajun Wu

ICLR 2019 (Oral) Paper / Project Page / Code / MIT News / MIT Technology Review

Neural Logic Machines
Honghua Dong*, Jiayuan Mao*, Tian Lin, Chong Wang, Lihong Li, Dengyong Zhou

ICLR 2019 Paper / Project Page / Code

Neural Phrase-to-Phrase Machine Translation
Jiangtao Feng, Lingpeng Kong, Po-Sen Huang, Chong Wang, Da Huang, Jiayuan Mao, Kan Qiao, Dengyong Zhou

ArXiv Preprint Paper

Acquisition of Localization Confidence for Accurate Object Detection
Borui Jiang*, Ruixuan Luo*, Jiayuan Mao*, Tete Xiao, Yuning Jiang

ECCV 2018 (Oral) Paper / Code

Learning Visually-Grounded Sementics from Contrastive Adversarial Samples
Haoyue Shi*, Jiayuan Mao*, Tete Xiao*, Yuning Jiang, Jian Sun

COLING 2018 Paper / Code

Universal Agent for Disentangling Environments and Tasks
Jiayuan Mao, Honghua Dong, Joseph J. Lim

ICLR 2018 Paper / Project Page

What Can Help Pedestrian Detection?
Jiayuan Mao*, Tete Xiao*, Yuning Jiang, Zhimin Cao

CVPR 2017 Paper